Where are we located?
We are located at 1601 Lacy Street, West Columbia, SC 29169. We are currently the only dealer for the Stone Canyon line of products in the State of South Carolina.
What are our hours of operation?
We are open by appointment only. Please call to schedule your visit to discuss your cabin needs.
How to contact us?

We can be reached multiple ways and will respond to you as quickly as possible

  • Calling or Texting – (803) 716-7617
  • Email:
    Owner – Jim Bowie at jbowie@rfsemail.com
    GM – Bradley Davis at scc.bdavis@gmail.com
    You will get a faster response if you copy both when emailing questions.
  • FB messenger– We encourage you to Like our fb page to see updates on units and industry information. If you reach out through fb messenger, we will be notified and will respond promptly.
  • On this site, you click the “Call Me” button and put in your phone number. We will be notified and call you back promptly.
  • On this site, from the menu you can click on “Contact us” and fill out the form. It will be forwarded to us and we will contact you per your requested information.
What's our pricing like?

Call for pricing on all units

Can we finance your purchase?

SCC of Columbia is currently set-up for retail financing with 21st Mortgage. 21st is a big player in the lending business for manufactured homes and they have a special program for our classification- Park Model RV’s. They will currently offer up to 90% financing and up to a 23-year term for qualified buyers. Call us to talk about your situation before you apply. Our owner,
Jim Bowie, has been a licensed mortgage lender for 22 years and can help advise you of what qualifications will be needed for approval.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any in-house financing programs at this time. However, if you cannot get approved with 21st Mortgage, please talk to us and we will be happy to discuss your situation and see if any other options are available.

21st Mortgage does have “land in lieu” of down payment programs, so make sure to speak to us about your individual situation.

Will there be sales tax?

In the State of South Carolina, the sales tax on Park Model RV’s is treated just like the “max tax” on car sales- $500.00 per unit.

Will I need to register my unit?

As a Park Model RV, you will be required to register the unit with the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles. If you finance the unit with 21st Mortgage, this will be done by the lender. If you pay cash, you will be required to register the vehicle with the SCDMV or with the proper department for your State.

What is "set up"?

Your new home will need to be set-up by a third party company after delivery. Typically, the delivery company has a crew that will bring all supplies in order to level, place piers made of cement blocks, install screw-in ground anchors, and tie down the unit using the 6 hurricane strap points that are part of your unit. Additionally, if your sewer access is in close proximity to your new home, they will tie in the sewer line to the sewer system. What they don’t do – The set-up crew does not connect the power source, water source, or underpin your home. Those are items you will be responsible for taking care of after your home is delivered and set-up. A licensed electrician and a licensed plumber are required to be used in order for your warranty to be maintained. An estimated cost for set-up services is $2500.00. Again, this is a third-party contract, but this seems to be the going rate.

Do we deliver?
We can deliver units anywhere in the Continental United States. We cannot ship units overseas or barge units to islands. The cost of delivery is determined by mileage. Please reach out to our staff to get a shipping quote. Delivery is a third-party contract and prices are variable based on shippers but using approximately $9.50 per mile will give you a good estimate of cost. There is also an additional cost for specialized equipment used to move the unit across soft ground, rough terrain or property with a lot of trees which adds $600.00 to the delivery cost.
Do we warranty our units?

Stone Canyon Cabins warranties their units for 1 year from date of purchase. Extended warranties are available for purchase. All appliances are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Do we offer insurance for your unit?

If you put down a deposit on a unit that is located on our lot, it will remain insured by us until it is delivered to your location. At that point, you will need to have insurance set up with your provider for coverage. If you order a unit from the factory, it will be insured during delivery by us and again will need coverage once you take possession. Ask your sales associate questions about available providers and carriers we have seen that will cover our product.

Where can I put my new home?

Private Property – Your personal property or placing it on a friend, family, or landlords property- In South Carolina, approval to place Park Model RV’s is County by County. These units are not HUD approved like manufactured homes(mobile homes), and they are not approved as modular homes. They have their own special classifications as Park Model RV’s. This can lead to zoning challenges depending on the County you are looking to place the unit. If you own land, the onerous is on you, the buyer, to make sure you are buying an eligible product for use on your property. However, we are happy to help and to give you the correct lingo to use when speaking or submitting information to your County. Your property will likely need to be in an area that has no covenants and restrictions(like an HOA) and will likely need to allow a standard drivable RV to be set-up and hooked up to power on your property. Reaching out to the zoning and/or planning office of your County, prior to purchase, is highly recommended. Additionally, most Counties have to issue a permit to you before a power meter can be installed. We highly recommend you speak with the power company as well. One item to note- The term “Tiny House” is used a great deal for marketing of these products. However, when speaking to any municipality, we recommend you make sure they understand exactly what this product is and that they are not like your traditional “THOW”, or Tiny House on Wheels.

RV Parks or Mobile Home parks – most RV Parks or Mobile home parks will allow Park Model RVs. It is case by case, but typically the answer is yes.

Dedicated Park Model Developments – we are seeing growth in the development of special parks just to hold Park Model RV’s. Typically, a developer will buy land, get it zoned properly, have all infrastructure and amenities installed, and rent dedicated spaces to owner’s looking to live in their park full time. We know of multiple examples of very successful parks in South Carolina. We are currently working on 2 of our own parks. One inside the City of West Columbia, SC and the other about 15 minutes outside of Lexington, SC if you take 378 toward Lake Murray. We hope to offer more land options for you in the future, but these 2 developments are our focus at this time.

Are these units "Tiny Houses"?

So any home that is less than 400 square feet can be lumped into the “Tiny Home” conversation. However, our units are not like the tiny homes you see on HGTV. Our units are too wide and too heavy to be pulled by you. They must be moved by a professional mover with the proper permits. All of our homes have a bedroom downstairs(some have 2), full sized appliances, full sized bathrooms, etc. Truly a fully usable home, just with a smaller footprint. These units are must see if you are in the market for a smaller home and a new lifestyle.

Our Family of Companies

The owner’s of Stone Canyon Cabins are proven business leaders. This is a locally owned dealership and the owner’s work hard to support local business not only in the Columbia market but in all areas of the State of South Carolina. Our owners also own the following businesses:

What's the buying process like?
1. Wait for final build out quote and time frame from our sales staff. We send in our specs to the factory and get a written quote from them.

2. Determine how you are going to pay for your new home. Is financing needed? If yes, do you have at least the 20% down payment or have someone who can gift it to you? If not, talk to our staff about other options or how to plan to buy a home at a later date. If you do have access to at least 20%, then apply with 21st Mortgage and get pre-qualified.

3. Speak to our sales staff about the floorplan of our choice.

4. Sit down and pick all the colors you would like-roof, siding, paint colors, flooring, trim, cabinets, walls, etc.

5. Decide if any upgrades are desired for your unit.

6. Put down a 20% deposit and wait for delivery of your unit(currently 10-12 months)

What's next after delivery and set up?

You will need to line up the following:

1. Have a licensed electrician come and install your 100 amp power service into the pre-wired unit.

2. Have a plumber come out and hook up your potable water source. Either County water or well is typical.

3. Have the unit underpinned- If desired. See “underpinning”’ info for more detail.

Underpinning: Most of our buyers have elected to have their homes set up like manufactured home. Cement block piers, screw anchors, and hurricane straps. This type of installation typically leaves the wheels raised off the ground as to avoid dry rot. This leaves an exposed area around the unit that needs to be underpinned. We have seen multiple options and ideas used to underpin units. Some buyers decided to brick or bock their unit, more like a permanent installation, and some units have had their wheels and axles removed and placed on a slab. Talk to your sales associate about your options. Again, this is something you will need to have done after Stone Canyon has delivered your unit. We do not handle this service as we are not licensed contractors. We can however, get you a referral, if needed.

Don’t have property to place your home?
Check out the lots available for rent at our 1601 Lacy Street location. This community is called West Oaks Village and has many amenities available. Rent amount $450 per month with a minimum 1-year lease agreement.

Price includes:

  • water, electric, sewage, and trash
  • Playground area for children
  • Dog park for the four-legged family members
  • Fire pit
  • Grilling pavilion
  • Coming soon a community center

To reserve a spot a Stone Canyon Home must be purchased, lot selected and leased signed. There are 2 of the 8 spots still available.
We are also beginning two other developments one in Lexington by Lake Murray and another in outside of Aiken.

I love these homes and want to sell some in SC. Who do I talk to?

If you are interested in an affiliate relationship or if you want become dealer in partnership with us, please request information at jbowie@rfsemail.com. We have first right of refusal to any Dealer requests in the State of South Carolina. Your path of least resistance it to partner with us. Let’s talk and see how setting you up in your area could be beneficial to us both and spread the small home dream.

Call me!